Seminar Eric Jägle: Alloys for Additive Manufacturing, Alloys by Additive Manufacturing


Dr. Eric Jägle (Max Planck Institute of Metal Research in Düsseldorf, Germany)


As Additive Manufacturing technologies are being adopted in more and more industries, the focus of research and development is shifting to the materials in use. On the one hand, limited processability of high-performance materials restrict the robustness of the process in some cases, while in other cases the best materials for a given application cannot be processed at all. There is a strong need to modify or to develop materials specifically for the AM processes that are robustly processable and that at least match conventionally obtained properties. On the other hand, an increasing number of researchers realise the potential of Additive Manufacturing to produce materials that were heretofore inaccesible by conventional manufacturing techniques or not economically feasible. The unique features of AM processes such as strongly non-linear time-temperature profiles, localized metallurgy and rapid alloy development capabilities enable the design of alloys by additive manufacturing. In this talk, examples of alloys for and by AM were given. They included Fe-, Ni- and AI-base alloys.


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