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AVISO: Esta oferta no se encuentra activa.

Oferta de Trabajo Ref.: 25526  

Puesto: Técnico de apoyo

Función: Ver "Otros"
Empresa: Centre de Transferència de Tecnologia de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (CTT)  
Referencia: 150-713-078 Publicada el 20/11/2017 Publicada hasta el 01/12/2017
Tipo de Contrato: Obra y servicio Dedicación: Jornada completa Remuneración Bruta (euros/año): 27.542,56 euros/anuales
  Provincia: -- Disponibilidad para viajar: Sin especificar
  Duración: Hasta 15/07/2018
Datos de contacto para la oferta
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email: .@.
Empresa: Centre de Transferència de Tecnologia de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (CTT)
Enlace URL:

Nivel Académico

Titulación Académica
Ingeniería de Montes (Titulación Universitaria)

Áreas tecnológicas
P-05 Forestal y de Montes



Evaluate the monitoring of the impact of the project of the constructed wetland system of the ECORKWASTE project.


1. Follow-up the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) ambient indicators.

2. Participate in the Report of comparison between innovation, sustainability and the circular economy of the constructed wetland system.

3. Conduct reviews and sign off on major project deliverables


Offer Requirements


- Engineering: Bachelor Degree or equivalent





- Knowledge of the LCA methodology. Knowledge of agricultural engineering. Knowledge on transdisciplinary methods and tools for supporting transition management of intersectorial and organizational systems.

- European Projects: Sustainability and circularity; environmental impact.

- Project management with commercial Software

- Leadership.

- Transdisciplinary and collaborative work.


Specific Requirements

Work experience:

- European projects.

- Environmental projects.

- It will assess experience in similar functions to those described specifically in the development of research activities in both the university and industrial


Selection process 

- Fill in the application form for the offer you are interested in by following the link:

- Attach your CV and any supporting documents for merits mentioned in the application form.

- Submit the form. A PDf file will be generated that you must print and 1) hand in at any of the UPC’s offical registries or 2) send to us by administrative certified post). If you opt for the latter, you must send us a scanned copy of the post-office receipt proving you have sent it.