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AVISO: Esta oferta no se encuentra activa.

Oferta de Trabajo Ref.: 27354  

Puesto: Post‐Doctoral position

Función: Ver "Otros"
Empresa: Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon  
Referencia: Posdoc - INA Publicada el 13/2/2018 Publicada hasta el 28/02/2018
Tipo de Contrato: Sin especificar Dedicación: Sin especificar  
Localidad: Zaragoza Provincia: Zaragoza Disponibilidad para viajar: Sin especificar
Fecha de Incorporación: 01/05/2018 Duración: 24 meses
Datos de contacto para la oferta
Persona de Contacto: -
Empresa: Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon
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Nivel Académico

Titulación Académica
Física (Titulación Universitaria)
Química (Titulación Universitaria)
Ingeniería de Materiales (Titulación Universitaria)
Biotecnología (Titulación Universitaria)


Localized MAGnetIC hyperthermia CELL‐based GENE therapy for immune modulation.


Post‐doc Position offered.


The  Institute of Nanoscience of Aragón (University of Zaragoza, Spain, and the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory ( are recruiting a highly qualified PhD, Post‐Doctoral researcher, to work for a period of 24 months on a project based on mimic cell membranes for immune modulation.


At present, the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon is one of the leading Centers on Nanoscience in Spain with more than 150 scientists and 13 qualified technicians. Facilities in the Institute represent a benchmark in Europe in the fields of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The Institute also hosts the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (LMA) that has been recognized as a National Facility by the Ministry of Economy and Competitivity of Spain. Among facilities relevant to this project are: synthesis and functionalization of nanosystems; nanostructure characterization  (XPS‐Auger,  XRD, FTIR, ATR, Raman, SERS, DSC, UV‐vis, fluorescence, etc.); lithography facilities (clean rooms, optical lithography, nanolithography and nanofabrication); thin films growing (PLD, MBE, PECVD, LB technologies, etc.); advanced SPM‐based microscopies;  electron microscopies (SEM, TEM,HRTEM) and  electrochemical techniques including an scanning electrochemical microscope (SECM).


Candidate profile.

Candidates from the fields of chemistry, physics, materials science, biotechnology and related disciplines will be considered. Expertise in the field of atomic force microscopy for the characterization of (bio)materials is mandatory; other fields of expertise such as electrochemistry, assembly of (bio)organic materials onto sold supports by self‐assembly and/or LB methods, characterization of mono and multilayered films, will be very appreciated much.

Potential candidates interested in this position should send their CV together with two recommendation letters to before the end of February 2018. Incorporation should be done before May 1st 2018.


Fuente: RedIRIS