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Oferta de Trabajo Ref.: 31639  

Puesto: Technician: Understanding muscle regenerative decline with aging

Función: Ver "Otros"
Empresa: Universidad Pompeu Fabra Nº de Plazas: 1
Referencia: HR17-00040 Publicada el 11/2/2019 Publicada hasta el 21/02/2019
Tipo de Contrato: Sin especificar Dedicación: Sin especificar  
Localidad: Barcelona Provincia: Barcelona Disponibilidad para viajar: Sin especificar
  Duración: 6 meses, prorrogable.
Datos de contacto para la oferta
Persona de Contacto: Marina Raya Chamorro y Pura Muñoz Cánoves
email: /
Empresa: Universidad Pompeu Fabra
Enlace URL:

Nivel Académico
Ingeniero Superior/Licenciado  


Job description

We are currently seeking a Highly Specialized Technician who can work effectively and execute complex experiments of different projects on-going in the laboratory, aiming to characterize how skeletal muscle regenerative capacity declines with aging, particularly at very advanced geriatric age, during sarcopenia; using a variety of biochemical, cellular and mouse techniques.

This position is financed by financed by La Caixa Banking Foundation through a competitive grant entitled “Understanding muscle regenerative decline with aging (RegenerAge)”, reference number HR17-00040.


Information on the minimum requirements

• Experience in general laboratory running.

• Experience in general laboratory techniques.

• Experience in animal models (mouse) housing, colony control, in vivo techniques.

• Experience in cellular and molecular techniques.

• Experience in microscopy and data analysis.

• Team work abilities.

• Previous experience in skeletal muscle research will be highly valued.


Benefits of the opening:

The candidate will receive a contract for six months, extendible.

Applicants should submit an application containing: motivation letter, CV and two referees contacts or recommendation letters to: Marina Raya Chamorro ( and Pura Muñoz Cánoves (

Application deadline: February 21th, 2019