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Laser system will prevent contamination on aircraft surfaces

CORDIS Servicio de Información en I+D Comunitario | 15.12.2018
Scientists have developed a laser material processing method to produce textured surfaces that repel dirt and water. This technology will primarily be used in the aerospace industry.

Spotting and stopping the spectrum saboteurs

IMDEA Networks Institute | 08.12.2018
SOCRATES will shield the electromagnetic spectrum of vital strategic importance, to ensure continuity of services such as GPS or cellular networks

Metal-organic frameworks: ready for electronics

Instituto IMDEA Nanociencia | 08.12.2018
Scientists have observed unequivocally for the first time band-like electron transport in an organic based material, a metal organic framework. This semiconducting behavior, together with its cost-effective…

Launch of the Discrimination and Inequality Laboratory

UC3M - mi+d | 08.12.2018
Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) have introduced the Laboratory of Discrimination and Inequality (D-Lab), which aims to advance the scientific study of discrimination and social…