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Hexenyl butyrate

Universitat Politècnica de Vàlencia UPV | 19.01.2019
The IBMCP (UPV-CSIC) shows that tomato aroma protects plants from bacterial attacks.

Taking graphene mass production to the next era

CORDIS | 19.01.2019
Graphene's unique combination of properties paves the way for a wide variety of applications, from energy and electronics to biomedical devices and aircraft. To meet these increasing demands, researchers…

Giving water a second life

EASME-EU | 19.01.2019
On 14th December, the Spanish embassy in Brussels hosted the final conference of the iMETland project (A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland for effective decentralized wastewater treatment). 

Age and foaming: how to predict when a volcano will erupt

Horizon Magazine | 19.01.2019
The eruption of a volcano can have devastating consequences - killing people and destroying livelihoods, as well as releasing vast amounts of ash into the sky that disrupts air travel and alters the climate.

The Citizens' App: Europe in the palm of your hand

European Parliament | 19.01.2019
In a bid to draw in citizens from across the continent, the EU is set to roll out a major new initiative that aims to inform people on the achievements of the European project, future goals, and the European…