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The Citizens' App: Europe in the palm of your hand

European Parliament | 19.01.2019
In a bid to draw in citizens from across the continent, the EU is set to roll out a major new initiative that aims to inform people on the achievements of the European project, future goals, and the European…

Influence of anxiety and depression on asthma control

UAM - mi+d | 12.01.2019
A recent multicentre study confirms that anxiety and depression are independent risk factors for poor asthma control. A novel finding is that under specialist supervision, there were significantly improved…

Wastewater treatment progresses towards a circular economy

CORDIS Servicio de Información en I+D Comunitario | 12.01.2019
Wastewater treatment is no longer just about making water reusable. Researchers show how energy, nutrients and added value by-products can be extracted from wastewater.