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Laser diode combats counterfeit oil

UCM - mi+d | 26.01.2019
The olive oil sector has witnessed a rise in fraudulent activities such as falsely labelling inferior products as high quality.

Climate change affects flood risks

UPM - mi+d | 26.01.2019
A study developed in the UPM about the impact of climate change on extreme precipitations in Spain has been applied in the review of the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment carried out by the Ministry for…

What atoms do when liquids and gases meet

UC3M - mi+d | 26.01.2019
From the crest of a wave in the sea to the surface of a glass of water, there are always small fluctuations in density at the point where the air comes in contact with a liquid.

Catalysis in MINT condition

Instituto IMDEA Nanociencia | 26.01.2019
Carbon nanotubes have been used as catalysts in many relevant chemical processes, however, controlling their catalytic activity is not easy.