Business mentor madri+d, a European reference for Mentoring for Startups

More and more professionals and entrepreneurs with experience and cases of success and failure contribute their knowledge and contacts to startups, through mentoring. European experts on innovation and Technology Transfer of the EEN Network give their opinion on the importance of Quality Mentoring and of certifying the necessary competences

As European entrepreneurship environments mature, Quality Mentoring aimed at startups becomes more important as it is more and more demanded by startups.

Mentoring is especially valued by European Programs, Institutions and Networks that support entrepreneurship, such as the European Commission's Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which, within the framework of the COSME program, provides specialized professional assistance to companies including startups, and to research groups, with technology transfer services, innovation advice, internationalization and access to financing.

On April 24, 25 and 26, a new edition of the business mentor madri+d certification, an international benchmark for quality mentoring for entrepreneurs with a growing international network of certified experts, was oganised at madri+d Foundation.

On this occasion, 15 mentors and managers linked to the European EEN network from Germany, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Poland, Albania, Latvia, Serbia and Spain attended the theoretical and practical sessions. For three days they worked in the areas of knowledge that make up the certification: communication and coaching skills for mentors, life cycle of startups and management of mentoring relationships for entrepreneurs.

The following video shows a summary of this edition and the opinions of the participating experts:

Eleven experts and evaluators facilitated the training. The internationalization of startups, a subject in which the participants had extensive experience, occupied a central place. In the words of Julio Fernández-Gayoso, assessor of the certificacion, internationalization expert and European coach, "mentoring and coaching are two critical resources to help startups survive in a competitive lanscape".

About the value of a certification of mentorig for entrepreneurs, S. Claire of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (UK) says that “Mentoring can be critical to achieve your goals (…) The importance of having a team, having the right people, people that are experts in Marketing, IP,… I think that madri+d Foundation is having the right resources and skills”.

“Great concept, which covers all key aspects of successful entrepreneurship. Very well prepared methodology of mentoring and its formal process“ says S. Jiraskova, EEN scale-up advisor at Technology Center AV (Czech Republic).

About the contents for certification K. Grajner from Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH (Germany) says that “the Business Mentoring training organised by madrimasd was very efficient! I appreciate the high level of courses and an amazing trainer team with great, professional expertise in each field of the training. I was really honoured to have a chance to meet so many high skilled professionals and learn from them” Concerning its impact in the EEN Network, A. Turynska from Wroclaw University (Poland) says that the contents “are extremely useful for the Enterprise Europe Network Advisors” to support the startups in European Countries.

Finally, concerning personal skills needed for mentorng, “The training gives us the knowledge and the skills to ask the right questions, find the right answers and make our startups think about their future” Stavros Kambanellas, EEN Cyprus Officer and EC-SME Instrument coaching Key Account Manager.

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