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Programa del curso

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Folleto del Curso 2016

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DAY 1 - IP and Creation of Value

  1. Introduction: IP value add, and creation of wealth
  2. IP generation & Types
    1. IP generation through creative process and commercialization (examples)
    2. Types of IP: patents, know how & relations, copyright, branding (cases)
  3. IP as a source of competitive advantage
    1. Different ways IP add value: examples
    2. IP as a hurdle for competition
  4. Value in starting & sustaining business
    1. a.Patent or not
  5. Commercialization Strategies
    1. IP protection and IP strategy for various strategies
  6. Licensing As a Commercialization Strategy
  7. Reasons to license IP: Why license? Who may want it?
    1. Target customers, Risk Profile: startups vs, Established companies

DAY 2 - Valuing IP and Licensing

  1. Value is in the eye of beholder: 4 ways to valuate IP (cases)
    1. Cost of opportunity
    2. Value add to product/service
    3. Cost of Development of alternatives
    4. Competitive IP’s
  2. Monetary elements & target customers
    1. Revenue models
  3. Exclusivity, when it is a good thing? What is it worth?
  4. Non-monetary provisions: when and how to use them
  5. Good cases gone bad: lessons from trenches

DAY 3 - Valuing IP and Licensing

  1. Rise of collaborative models for innovations)
  2. IP and collaborations
    1. How and why IP can become an issue, how to avoid
  3. Discussion of Participant Cases