Research outside the confort zone (groundwater and groundwater dependent ecosytems)

Full capacity


18:00-18:45; 19:00-19:45; 20:00-20:45

Real Jardín Botánico Juan Carlos I. Campus de la Universidad de Alcalá. 28805 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)



Attendees of this activity will be able to understand the importance of groundwater as a natural resource and as an ecosystem support. By working with a model of an aquifer, they will discover the characteristics of the groundwater flow, the different types of habitats for fauna and the kind of fauna that is settled in aquifers. The participants will see in which way the anthropic pollution can affect quality and quantity of groundwater and furthermore, they will get to know what are the consequences on the particular fauna that aquifers host. There will be shown examples of the most commonly found organisms living in groundwater (microcrustaceans) through stereomicroscopes; all within a room set as a laboratory-cave, which will allow the visitors to abandon their comfort zone and immerse themselves in the sensations that these extreme environments produce.