The IMDEA Institutes are one of the cornerstones of the new institutional framework for scientific and technological research in the Madrid Community region.

This scheme combines public and private supports into a science landscape driven by social demand.  Public Administrations, universities, scientists and businesses have taken part in the design of this project from the outset.

The ultimate purpose is the fulfillment of the needs of the society through the promotion of R+D+i activities, and the transfer of their findings to the society at large.

The IMDEA Institutes share unique features that clearly set them apart from any other prior initiative undertaken in Spain, since they:

1.    Work following a policy of non-involvement by the Administration.

2.    Operate as a meeting point between public and private interests and funding.

3.    Are governed with fully professionalized management.

4.    Have a marked global outreach, since they were designed to attract and welcome world-class scientists.

5.     Combine the inherent flexibility of private management with the control and conscientiousness demanded from the institutions that receive public funding.

6.    Are fully open to the industry.

IMDEA Institutes