EM Europa Media Trainings


This fast-track course is intended to provide a complete insight into Horizon 2020 financial issues through a mix of presentations and hands-on workshops.

The day will start with an extended presentation covering from A to Z of Horizon 2020 finan cial issues. It will be mind-blowing, but worth every second.

After this, you will go through Europa Media''s famous financial reporting workshop to simulate financial reporting under H2020: together with your group mates, you will fill in an actual financial statement for an H2020 project using custom-made documentation including timesheets, salary slips and invoices.

After the workshop you will go over some pragmatic approaches in reporting; Point-by-point assessment of the prepared financial reports: Format, content; overall principles, possible bottlenecks, what should and should not be included.

The second day will finish with a step-by-step guide on how to report costs, deal with deviations, and internal allocation issues. Handling the EC requests for clarification, suspension of payments and other issues with a hands-on approach.

Destinatarios del evento

Feedback from previous participants show that this course is equally useful for:

  • Researchers          
  • Financial administrators
  • Project managers
  • Decision makers     
  • coming from
  • Public institutions
  • Universities and research institutions
  • SMEs and large companies