Número 33, december 2005

Forum for Debate:

The role of Science and Technological Parks in the Public Universities’ R&D strategy: the Polytechnic University of Madrid case

There is a general agreement on the relevance of the universities within a knowledge-based society. This idea is also recognized In the Lisbon Strategy, endorsed by the European Commission as well as by the European Council. So, European Universities must deal an enormous challenge related to its structures, financial schemes, and social projection.

Gonzalo León
Vicerrector de Investigación, UPM

Action CRECE (Comisiones de Reflexión y Estudio de la Ciencia en España)

The important moment in that are the investigation and science in Spain determines the importance of the initiatives that of joint form can take the Spanish scientific community. It is for that reason which the existence of the Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España (COSCE), on the one hand, and the beginning on the part of the Action CRECE (Comisiones de Reflexión y Estudio de la Ciencia en España) suppose probably an important landmark in scientific happening of our country. It is for that reason why a Survey has been carried out recently, directed and orchestrated by the magazine Encuentros Multidisciplinares, to know the opinion numerous and qualified members of the university and scientific community in relation to the content of the ample set of proposals that integrate the mentioned Action CRECE.

In the article the results take shelter of the Survey, as well as a commented analysis of the more important qualitative aspects in relation to the different opinions, with the objective to obtain to a certain degree of utility and effectiveness in the possible future implementation of the mentioned performances.

Jesús Lizcano Alvarez
Catedrático de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Director de la revista Encuentros Multidisciplinares

A methodological approach to research improvement

Starting with the research quality management, the arising question is how labs can apply scientific best practices in order to guarantee the reliability and validity of the attained results. To foster quality management systems and tools in the research activity implies to manage the scientific, economic, financial, social, and environmental challenges.

Pedro Alonso Miguel
Jefe del Área de Cooperación Tecnológica
D.G. de Universidades e Investigación
Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid

Open Lecture Room:

Strategic Innovation Plan of Galicia 2010: a synthetic vision

This article gives a summed up vision on Galicia 2010 Innovation Strategic Plan. This Plan aims to give a strategic general framework in the area of I+D+i to Galicia Innovation System agents (in Spain) to reach business competitiveness improvement in order to noticeably impact Gross Added Value and employment growth. Aspects related to conceptual model, focus, methodology, Plan stages, comparative information between the most and the less innovative firms (EU Innobarometre) and also firms and I+D Agencies innovation needs are expounded. This article ends with a report of Key Factors, Strategies and Action Programmes stemmed from the process.

Jorge González Gurriarán
Pedro Figueroa Dorrego
Dirección y Coordinación del Plan
Departamento de Organización de Empresas y Marketing Universidade de Vigo