The Madrid Regional Government Support Service for Innovation Firms with a Technological Base.
  Since 1997, the Euroforum Escorial University Institute (IUEE) has focused its research efforts on two specialization areas: the internacionalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and the development and implementation of an entrepreneurial culture. In this field (one of programs included in the TECNOFORUM Project), the task was aimed to realize an international survey on promotional activities for the creation of innovative firms with a technological base (EIBT). The objective was to develop a training methodology and an implementation proposal for the Madrid Region.

Human Resources in the technology based firms.
  Managing people in an organization is an increased challenge in the technological companies, because of the wider training. It is convenient to think about the needs of the person and how to provide a technical and humanistic formation that helps to design coherent professional and personal career programs.

The entrepreneurships from university.
  The Spanish University has a scarce experience in entrepreneurship. However this situation is changing due to low employment opportunities for new graduates and a new attitude among university officials and government institutions, particularly at local level. New initiatives are under way to foster business creation among graduates, and the development of spin-off experiences with professors and researchers. For this impulse to be successful they have still to happen some structural changes both in social values, legal framework, and the attitude of some key social agents. The experience of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid I briefly described.

Scientifics Parks and the University to
  This article reviews the Transfer of Technology through Spin Offs and Scientific Parks. Beginning with a brief description of Scientific Park, we attempt to describe the importance of the University as a guarantor of success in these projects, as a result they are the best Centers of Research and an important motor and promoter in the cultural exchange and fostering of new entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, we enumerate the Projects of Scientific Parks existing in the Community of Madrid and their principal lines of research, and we set forth two real cases of the creation of businesses through Spin Off.