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Estudiantes del IFT reciben los diplomas del programa la Caixa – Severo Ochoa

Los estudiantes Thomas Bieköter, Pablo Quílez y Pablo Cano recibieron el pasado día 28 de Junio los diplomas acreditativos entregados por Camen Vela, Secretaria de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación, y Jaume Giró, Director General de la Fundación Bancaria la Caixa.

Más información: aquí

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4-year postdoc and visiting professor positions at the IFT


New opportunities to join the IFT through the program “Talent Attraction” from Comunidad de Madrid.

The different kinds of positions are: 4-year experienced postdocs, 4-year young postdocs, and 6-month visiting professorships.

Applications must be addressed to Comunidad the Madrid jointly with the IFT. Interested candidates should contact an IFT member to prepare and submit the joint application.

Application deadline is July 15th.

Official information (in Spanish): document1 ; document2

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Viatcheslav Mukhanov receives the BBVA Foundation prize at the award ceremony in Madrid

The international BBVA Foundation awards span eight categories: Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Biomedicine, Ecology and Conservation Biology, Information and Communication Technologies, Economics, Finance and Management, Contemporary Music, Climate Change and Development Cooperation.

The price on Frontiers of Knowledge in Basic Sciences was awarded to Stephen Hawking and Viatcheslav Mukhanov for independently discovering that galaxies were formed from quantum fluctuations in the Universe’s earliest days. Viatcheslav Mukhanov is a Severo Ochoa IFT Distinguished Visiting Professor and collaborator of IFT member César Gómez.

More information:

- El País

- SO(IFT) Distinguished Visiting Professors

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Celebrating 20 years of IFT at UAM

The IFT started its path in May 31st 1996, with its official approval as institute within the UAM (and later becoming a mixed UAM-CSIC institute in 2003). Hence, it is now completing 20 years from its very first steps.

The IFT celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 31st, at 12:00h in the Red Room. Afterwards, some appetizers & drinks were offered.

The photo gallery is available here

Travel back in time and visit the original IFT webpages 1997, 2000, and 2001, which include IFT activities dating back to October 1997, and the 3rd Xmas workshop

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