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The Community of Madrid, in a clear support for the movement of "open access" to information and scientific production by electronic means, offers society this digital platform of free access to scientific production, generated by public universities located in the Madrid region - integrated into the Madroño Consortium - as well as by any researcher from another university, institution, IPA, or independently, who intends and wishes to participate in the dissemination of information and scientific knowledge.

The e-Science project, therefore, aims to:

  • Support scientific communication initiatives in open access to interested researchers, through a network of digital archives, through a centralized search.
  • Offer an open access space to scientific publications generated by the scientific community of the Community of Madrid.
  • Increase the visibility, diffusion and impact of scientific literature in the Community of Madrid.
  • Create a space for the dissemination, promotion and support of the movement for free access to scientific information.
  • Provide advice and guidance on issues related to open access scientific communication.
  • Investigate, analyze and evaluate the impact of changes in scientific publication forms.

Participating Institutions

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