National Science and Technology Indicators

The national level is an unavoidable benchmark for locating regions as guidelines, investments, expenditure and resources for science are complemented by good practices at regional level. This page provides data and information generated by public and private agencies on regional participation in science and technology activities.

In order not to duplicate and provide the available data, mi+d provides either links to the updated addresses of the agencies' websites or links directly to the selected documents. The statistical data and information comes mainly from national official bodies such as the National Statistics Institute (INE), the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the Ministries of Education and Science and Economics and Competitiveness, the COTEC Annual Report, etc.

Indicators of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System. 2016 Edition

Currently, the FECYT portal contains the INDICATORS page where you can interactively access the main Spanish R+D+I indicators and those of the autonomous communities.

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On the other hand, FECYT elaborates a report that is published annually that provides synthesized and grouped information on the state of the national technical scientific system along with its most recent evolution according to the main available macroeconomic magnitudes - the 2016 Edition includes the main indicators corresponding to 2014. This Report also covers the growing process of regionalization of R+D+I activities, providing information on the efforts made by the different Autonomous Communities. Finally, it provides data on Spain's position in the context of the European Union, Latin America and the OECD countries, and on Spain's participation in the different international R&D programs.

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Bibliometric Indicators of the Spanish Scientific Activity 

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the SCImago research group have been working together since 2004 in the annual analysis and evolution of bibliometric indicators of scientific activity in Spain. The result is an extensive report that gathers the indicators of scientific production at national, regional and international levels according to areas of research.

It includes the latest edition of 2016, which covers the period 2005-2014, with extensive information broken down by Autonomous Community and also includes links to previous studies for 2011 (published in 2014) and 2010 (published in 2013).

2.1 Bibliometric Indicators of the Spanish Scientific Activity 2005-2014 (Published in 2016)

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2.2 Bibliometric Indicators of the Spanish Scientific Activity 2011 (Published in 2014)

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2.3 Bibliometric Indicators of the Spanish Scientific Activity 2010 (Published in 2013)

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Spanish strategy for science and technology and innovation 2013-2020

The Spanish Science and Technology and Innovation Strategy is the framework instrument that establishes the general objectives to be achieved, during the period 2013-2020, in the promotion and development of R+D+I activities in Spain. These objectives are aligned with those set by the European Union within the new framework program for the financing of R+D+I activities, Horizon 2020, for the period 2014-2020, contributing to encourage the active participation of the agents of the Spanish system of science, technology and innovation in the European area.

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State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2013-2016

The Science, Technology and Innovation Law establishes that scientific and technical research and innovation plans are essential for the development of the Spanish Science and Technology and Innovation Strategy by the General State Administration.

The different units of the General State Administration, social agents, public research centers, universities, technological centers, business associations, technological platforms and national and international experts from the scientific, technical and business community have participated in the design and elaboration of the State Plan 2013-2016. The autonomous communities have also participated in the definition of articulation and coordination mechanisms.

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COTEC Report 2016

Cotec's annual reports on technology and innovation in Spain, which have been published since 1996, aim to provide a compilation of indicators on the situation of innovation and technology in Spain and its positioning with respect to reference countries. 

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CYD Report 2015

The Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD Foundation) published in 2014 what is now its tenth annual report on the contribution of Spanish universities to development. The aim is to highlight the importance of universities in the Spanish economy and society, both in terms of their specific weight and the role they play in the knowledge economy, basically through technology transfer and the formation of human capital.

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IUNE Report 2016

The grouping of Universities IUNE carries out an annual report on Research activity of the Spanish University.

The link to the IUNE 2016 Interactive Report is the following:

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Icon Analysis: Main excellent research institutions by areas of knowledge. 2005-2014

This report is intended to be a consultation document on the position of Spanish research institutions in each scientific area for the period 2005-2014, based on the criterion of scientific excellence.

The selection of the institutions has been carried out taking into account the number of publications of excellence of each institution in each area in the period 2005-2014 and on this previous selection, the institutions have been ordered by the percentage of excellence in their documents in the area.

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Scientists Women in Figures 2015. Statistics and indicators on gender (in)equality in scientific training and career

It is almost a decade since the series Scientist Women in Figures started. During these years, the gender perspective has been incorporated as a fundamental aspect of public R+D+i policies, both in terms of achieving a gender balance and integrating gender analysis into the content of research and innovation.

From the new period analyzed by Scientists Women in Figures 2015, at national level, the Strategic Plan for Equal Opportunities 2014-2016 (PEIO) has been implemented in this period, which also contains specific measures to promote and monitor gender equality in the field of R+D+i.

The data collected in this edition of Scientists Women in Figures are therefore strategic as a baseline for contrasting the evolution of the situation, estimating the impact of policies and orienting new quantifiable objectives and actions for gender equality in R+D+i.

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