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New Therapy for Peyronie's Disease Patients

UAM-mi+d | 21.06.2019
A study involving doctors from the Urology Service of the Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda, attached to the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (UAM), describe how a a non-invasive technique,…

Finding true north for networking research

IMDEA Network | 14.06.2019
The past, present and future of networking research has been the focus of debate for an international panel of experts brought together by the 11th Annual IMDEA Networks Workshop*,

New radiant wall of high capacity to accumulate heat

UPM-mi+d | 14.06.2019
A researcher from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid was involved in the design and construction of an innovative solution for residential building facades that optimizes the local energy resources.