Is it possible to lift a car with a bunch of spaghetti? (A surprising application of the resistance of materials)

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18:00 - 21:00 h.

Laboratorio de Estructuras. Escuela Politécnica Superior. Universidad CEU San Pablo. Campus de Montepríncipe. Urbanización Montepríncipe. 28668 Boadilla del Monte

We will start with a theoretical explanation about what a structural system is, what basic conditions must be met and how we select the materials to build them. In the Materials Laboratory we will test some samples of these materials. Universal testing machines and loading frames will be used during these tests. Finally, we will answer the question that provides the title for this activity, raising a car using a few more than 250 spaghetti. After the activity we will have a clear vision of how to predict, how much load a structure can resist and what parameters are involved in the calculations that must be carried out.
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starting September 18
Tfno: 91 372 4017;91 372 4021