Número 31, septiembre 2005
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Europe 21st Century: Towards an Education and Research Area

The Conference of European Ministers Responsible for Higher Education held in Bergen (Norway) last May 19 and 20 passed a Communiqué titled “The Higher Education European Area- Achieving the Goals”. This final declaration resumes the advancements in the so-called European Convergence Process, and proposes the agenda to 2010, the agreed date to finish the process.

Raffaella Pagani
Asesora del Área de Prospectiva y Convergencia Europea
Agencia de Calidad
Acreditación y Prospectiva de las Universidades de Madrid

Triangulation as a research strategy in social sciences

The use of triangulation techniques has long been demanded by social research methods literature. Most of social scientists have considered that the more variety of methodologies, data and researchers is used in the analysis of a specific problem the more reliable the results will be. This paper reviews the theoretical concept of triangulation to show its main advantages and risks as research strategy in social sciences.

Óscar Rodríguez Ruiz
Instituto Universitario de Administración de Empresas
Centro de Investigación para la Sociedad del Conocimiento (IADE-CIC)

Open Lecture Room:

The Directive’s Proposal on the ability to patent the computer implemented inventions

There is a growing interest in intellectual property, and especially, in industrial property. Two trends are emerging: policymakers are boosting the knowledge economy, and patents are considered as firm’s assets.

Ignacio Atorrasagasti Tellería
Consejero Industrial de la Representación Permanente de
España ante la Unión Europea, Bruselas

Technology-based ventures and business angels

Business Angel Networks or BANs are organizations that aim to create environments for the investment in technological projects, assuring high levels of quality and confidentiality. This kind of networks, originally from the USA, have shown their efficiency with numerous examples of successful companies founded as a result of the matching activities between investors and technological entrepreneurs. The NTBS or New Technology Based Firms are ideal companies for this investors, due to their high growth potential.

Miguel Palacios
Tíndaro del Val
Carlos Casanueva
ETSI Industriales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Citizens’ panels on the Kioto Protocol

The Universities and Research General Directorate (Education Department, Madrid Regional Government) is involved in building interaction mechanisms between scientists, policymakers and citizens. So, has organized Citizens’ Panels to analyze and to discuss science and technology relevant issues. The goal is to foster the scientific culture and to boost the social debate about those issues. This time, the issue is the Kioto Protocol and its implementation in Spain.

Luís Navarro
Marta I. González