Postdocs at the IFT within the “Intertalentum” program

The Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT CSIC/UAM participates in the “Intertalentum” program,  offering 9 2-year postdoctoral positions at research centers in the UAM+CSIC Excellence Campus.

Application deadline is September 30th. Applications must be submitted through the Intertalentum webpage.

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Interesting article. Congratulations.


Although the Earth covers an atmosphere, every minute, every second we dive, complete with atmosphere, in unfamiliar places space within the galaxy, presumably in the second arm of the latter, known as Orion Arm, where we belong, where the sun was begotten, which was fathered Earth, where we were born, where they were created, where, at this moment, at all times, continue with creation. It is perceived as if we had no contact with the galaxy, due to the size difference to our small size and its sheer size. But we can take as a reference, we can compare our size with a bacterium any of our body, where it seems that there were no connection, but we know that there is none; obviously our size compared to the Galaxy is abysmal; but this does not disqualify the fact, reality.
We live traveling in a part of the galaxy, perched on Earth, obviously, in the same way as if we trepáramos on a boat in a boat shaped craft, for instance, and we traveled through space. It’s as if the Earth “was” a boat that travels around the sun, and on that boat we traveled billions of people, plants, animals, oceans. One thing to know this, and another thing is connected with all this, knowing or “feeling” that toured the cosmos around the sun, in the depths of the sky, which is known as heaven. If we could increase in size to overcome the distance between the sun and Earth, we would have another concept of the universe, we could see the movement of the stars, the planets, we would perched on Earth, moving through the cosmos, metiéndonos for unknown regions of the sky. It is what is happening at this very moment, we travel the cosmos …
If we saw from another solar system from another planet, if other intelligence beings see us perched on Earth, traveling through the sky, as indeed, we consider space creatures from heaven. At the same time, we would think the same if we observe other beings on their planets, traveling through space or sky.
All this sounds like a fantasy, but it is as real as ourselves.
Astrophysicists and astronomers speak of the birth of stars, but they say nothing in relation to the processes of gestation, which must obviously be, for us, a strange way of gestation, but that does not detract from the fact, as on Earth we see ways pregnancy surprisingly strange. They multiply galaxies precisely producing stars and other kinds of bodies; this reproduction may be similar to that of cells “The nearby galaxy NGC 1569 is a hotbed of star birth … Like people, stars are born, grow and die, they become cosmic dust called a nebula, or a cloud of dust ; this cloud of dust more stars are born (people also end up becoming dust, which is incorporated into the soil to fertilize). Their birthplaces are huge clouds of gas and dust, known as nebulae. These clouds start to shrink through the work of its own gravity. As a cloud loses size, it is broken into smaller groups. Each fragment may eventually become so hot and dense that a nuclear reaction begins. When the temperature reaches 10 million degrees, the fragment becomes a new star, “says science. On the other hand it is also said that the galaxy is not divided into two, but drops a small part of itself embryo or embryos of stars, from largest to smallest; in this case the larger attracts the rest; thus established is what is known as “solar systems”. Embryos that are born like stars have their lifetime as stars, as its own combustion is falling in on itself, forming increasingly dense layers to completely cover the surface of the star; this layer of material is known as residual soil; in this case the star has become planet, which continues to revolve around the larger star, whose surface drops its own combustion. Combustion covers the surface of the star and form layers upon layers; obviously the star is reduced and is under all this soil layer called, it is surrounded by floor but continues its process, giving life to the ground, giving life itself; this part of the star, this other star, known as the core, the core of the Earth. Analyzing this point we can say that the Earth is a star off on its surface, and that what remains of life as we know it as the core star, or we inhabit a dying star. Another scientific proposal regarding the birth of stars is that they are “born by chance. fragments of matter clouds of gas and dust floating in space, called nebulae meet. These particles are added by gravitational attraction to form a large mass. This conglomerate, the effect of gravity, contracts on itself and consequently increases its center, density, pressure and heat. Thus, the atoms move faster and faster and collide with each other. Under these conditions, nuclear fusion reactions soon begin. ” With regard to this approach, we can say that Do we see someone manipulating the precise functions of cells ?; We could also add, if the cells of our body were observed by infinitely small organisms, in this case comparing our size with the Galaxy, which cells are born by chance; fragments of matter meet … Likewise could express, referring to the formation of human embryos: Man is born by chance; to form the embryo, fragments of matter, etc. … Because nobody manipulates meet this, the pregnant woman does not intervene, his hands in the development of the fetus; she only eat so your body do all the work.

Indirectly, we have been in the womb of the galaxy, all we’ve been, everyone born, everything that is born or germinates, all springs of galaxies; we have been in the womb of the galaxy and this function, gestation, is given in the womb of a woman, of our earthly mother; it is subject to pregnancy and childbirth sequences; Galaxy feat and it gives light to the sun, the stars, earth, animals, plants; women gestate and give birth. This is playing that part of the galaxy; it is the reproduction of the cosmos, its “internal” reproduction; It is as if the universe were multiplied to minors, microscopic, including scales. Within this framework we can compare the universe with a laying thermite, for example. At all times the galaxy is brewing humans and other …; is the galaxy which performs all functions, so it does not seem. If a human being in its embryonic stage could reason and wonder about its origin, by reason of its existence, it would be in the same our situation regarding the universe and God … How do you consider the cell a living body, and do not consider it to be the galaxy, and this is what gives us life, it even gives the universe? What would think a human embryo with respect to the placenta where he is, would have the ability to recognize that the placenta is who sustains, nourishes it?





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