Beyond Genetics of multiple sclerosis…

Full capacity


Viernes 29 de septiembre de 13:00 h a 14:30 h

Lab. Genética de enfermedades complejas. H. Clínico San Carlos, baja sur.


In an interactive talk, the bases of the genetic architecture of multiple sclerosis will be explained. With a special focus on the technical and conceptual advances during the past decades up to the present moment, with the identification of over 200 genetic risk factors, which combined with certain environmental factors are accepted as key determinants in the debut of this condition. Similarities with other complex diseases such as type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, Crohn’s or rheumatoid arthritis will be discussed, as opposed to what happens in monogenic diseases. The activity will be complemented with the visit to a research laboratory in the context of a public hospital and fostering the interaction with multidisciplinary scientists at different stages of their career.