UAM | What are you stepping on with your shoes? minerals

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Viernes 29 de septiembre desde las 17h hasta las 21h

Plaza Mayor, Campus de Cantoblanco


The activity will consist of carrying out an initial explanation, followed by the identification and classification by attendees of the different types of minerals present in the activity. During the activity, 5-6 common minerals that are frequently used in life will be observed and analyzed daily, which can be attended by groups of 10 people, lasting approximately 15-20 minutes per group. The game will start by showing a variety of minerals, and attendees will be taught how to observe their characteristics, asking them to pay attention to characteristics of the minerals such as color, shape, hardness or magnetic properties, through the use of tokens or posters explanatory. Subsequently, attendees will be given a laminated table, where a image of each mineral along with the name. Next, the assistants through the use of the explanatory cards, the necessary tools for identification and together with the coordinators of the activity, if necessary, they will grant it the corresponding characteristics by pasting some cards with each of the characteristics identified by mineral (they will be attached to the table with velcro). By Finally, we will focus on knowing how minerals are formed in nature and where they are used in our daily life, such as, in construction or manufacturing of raw materials such as iron, in this way way a connection between geology and everyday life can be created. This activity will be specially adapted with pictograms for use in boys and girls primary-secondary or with special needs, but the activity may be carried out by the public General who wants to increase their scientific knowledge of geology. The use of pictograms is a visual resource that stimulates verbal language, encourages curiosity, develops communication skills, observation, in addition to being an activity related to science, which will allow not only arouse interest in geology but in science in general.

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starting septembre 13 at 09:00