Does Climate Change affect microbial diversity in different ecosystems where conditions are extreme?

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Viernes 29 de septiembre desde las 17h hasta las 21h

Plaza Mayor, Campus de Cantoblanco


In recent years we are experiencing the consequences of Climate Change in the ecosystems closest to humans (rivers, forests, lakes...). However, some peculiar ecosystems due to their extreme conditions are less known, as are the effects of Climate Change on them and on the bacteria that live in them. In this activity we propose a game, experiments and observe under a microscope so that we learn more about these ecosystems (mangroves, deserts, hypersaline lakes, marshes or our Rio Tinto de Huelva), who live in them and what the changes that we are experiencing as consequence of the impact that humans cause. But we will also learn what solutions can provide us to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change. At the end of the activity, those who pass the challenge will get a surprise!

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starting septembre 13 at 09:00