Designing and Building the “Mega Dron City Eurasian Diagonal”: a climate-sustainable 4 D supercity

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Sábado 30 de septiembre a las 10:30 horas hasta las 13:00 horas.



Imagine, design and participate in the creation of a sustainable supercity on a Planetary Scale by 2030. Workshop developed by the Professor of Architectural Projects at the European University of Madrid, Dr. José Luis Esteban Penelas A large architectural model will be assembled in real time, based on advanced urban design, using drone systems, applying advanced analogue, computational and Artificial Intelligence techniques. New public spaces and advanced buildings will be designed, developed in connection with the concept of 4-dimensional Drone Cities based on drones, which will fly over and connect the spaces of the model. All of this developed in an interactive workshop where the participant will be involved in the environment and space of a city of the future, through images, videos, and projections. The attendees who attend in person will participate in the assembly of the large model in real time, following the design strategy. The attendees who attend online will participate by providing questions and proposals to be included in the assembly in real time.

Reservation required
starting septembre 13 at 09:00