Borja Barinaga

Borja Barinaga

About me

He is an entrepreneur, artist, sound engineer and video game designer. First, he graduated as an art historian at the Complutense University of Madrid, and that historical vision always contaminates his work. At that time, he worked as an underground comic artist and as a designer of board games. Then it was introduced in the digital world, in the field of video and videogames. He then decided to get his PhD in communication with a thesis on video game design. While studying, he worked at the most important videogame company in Spain, Pyro Studio.

He has worked as a filmmaker for many Agencies in Spain and has always been very involved with the field of technological installations and museums. He has collaborated, among others, with the Medialab in Madrid, the Prado Museum, the Burriana Cathedral, the San Felipe Neri Museum in Cádiz, the Reina Sofía Art Museum in Madrid, the Madrid Museum of America and many more.

Now he is professionally dedicated to videogame art and he is the art director in the videogame degree at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid. He is also one of the founders of this degree, the first on videogames in Spain.
He is still linked to the world of music, something that attracted him from a very young age and he has a recording studio, Gasoil Studio, in which he carries out the work of sound engineer. He manufactures microphones and electric guitars in his spare time.
He is involved in the video game industry as a frelance artist and game designer.
In the field of research, is dedicated to the study of the possibilities of emerging languages from symbols and icons and their applications in digital communication and maintains a very good relationship with Nanging University of China, where he spends long stays researching on the pictographic origin of oriental languages and their parallels with digital languages.

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