IMDEA Networks. Telecommunications Day at IMDEA Networks

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Viernes 17 de mayo a las 10:00h

IMDEA Networks


On the occasion of Telecommunications Day, on May 17th, IMDEA Networks is holding an educational activity at its headquarters in which 4ºESO students will be able to enjoy a virtual escape room (designed by IMDEA Networks with other partners such as COIT, UPM, etc., within the framework of the PROMIN-Teleco Renta project) to learn concepts about these studies in a fun way. In addition, students will have the opportunity to do a workshop to learn how Electrolab works, the first educational case of electronic prototyping to teach, create, and program. With this Arduino kit and through the Hello Blocks application, we will do a group practice in which we will design a sound traffic light designed to help blind people to cross the streets with autonomy and safety.