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Viernes 27 de noviembre, 10.15 am


The Santa Lucía river basin is the main source of drinking water for 60% of the country's population and has suffered a great deterioration due to the discharges of industrial effluents to said basin (episodes of bad odor, taste in drinking water). Industrial effluent discharges contain valuable components, which, if it is possible to recover them, can be transformed from cost for the industry to a resource-generating activity. Through this initiative for the anaerobic treatment of effluents from the dairy industry, the anaerobic membrane reactor (AnMBR) is proposed, which combines anaerobic treatment with a filtration process. This technology allows the purification of industrial dairy effluents in a sustainable way and promotes the circular economy of the company. In this activity, a video of a laboratory-scale anaerobic membrane reactor treating effluent from the dairy industry will be shown in operation.