Water Science and Technology for sustainable development. Latitud Water Program.

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Viernes 27 de noviembre, 10.00 h


Latitud Water Program: “The water-production-energy-health Nexus and the circular economy as sustainability tools, in the context of the 4th industrial revolution and climate change”. It comprises 4 research lines called: Smart, Potable, Restoration and Nexus, which topics are the following: • Smart Innovation, development and validation of smart technologies as tools to manage water resources (smart basin, validation of sensors for continuous monitoring of water courses, early warning sensors, etc.) • Potable Risk assessment of regulated and emerging pollutants in hydrological basins, removal of emerging pollutants from point and diffuse sources, and novel methodologies for purification and treatment of water sources • Restoration Demonstration of new remediation methods aimed at restoring water courses to protect water security and environmental health (control of eutrophication, algal blooms and harmful cyanobacteria and emerging pollutants), in the context of climate change. • Nexus It refers to the water-energy-production-health nexus. Circular economy projects to achieve improvements in the design of processes towards a sustainable production model, demonstrating the adequacy of innovative technologies for the recovery of waste, water and effluents as resources for water reuse, energy conservation or generation and production of fertilizers, fuels, metals, additives, dyes or other valuable substances.