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General description of the “madri+d business mentor” Certification Process



The certification aims to ensure that the certified persons have the knowledge and skills to adequately develop the role of mentor or the role of entrepreneurship program manager, effectively managing mentoring relationships, providing knowledge of interest for the personal and/or professional activity of the entrepreneurs and helping them solve doubts, explore alternatives and asume new challenges.

A mentor is a person who offers information, advice and guidance to other people (mentees) through a relationship based on personal commitment (mentoring relationship) for the personal and professional development of mentees. The mentees goal of the mentoring targeted by this certification are the entrepreneurs.

A manager of entrepreneurship programs is a professional working in the environment of corporate or institutional programs of incubation, acceleration or in general, support to entrepreneurship.

Certification Process

The madri+d Foundation is committed to promoting the excellence of international mentoring taking into consideration international quality procedures and standards.

The certification process is supported by internal quality documentation for the implementation, control and monitoring of the "business mentor madri+d” evaluation and certification processes and for the corresponding panels and committees. Specifically, the members of its Expert Panel and Evaluation and Certification Committee adhere to the principles of its Code of Ethics, which guarantees binding standards of conduct.

The process is supported by the certification calls published on the website . All the information about the calls is published in advance on this web site.

Training program

The certification process is based on a Training Program composed of theory and individual or team work on practical cases, according to the criteria and agenda established in the Program of the Certification Call.

Each Call consists of a mínimum of 26 hours of training and individual and team work.

The contents of the Training Program of the call are described in the web site

The maximum number of attendees in each call is of 15 people.

Prerequisites and specializations

To access the Certification Calls it is necessary the commitment to attend at least 80% of the Training Program hours.         

To obtain the certificate as "entrepreneur program manager", no minimum experience is required.

To obtain the certificate as a "mentor", at least 15 years of professional experience must be accredited and at least one satisfactory mentoring relationship developed in the last five years must be demonstrated.

Requirements for the specialization of "business mentor madri+d" in certain skills will be described in the corresponding Specialization Calls.


Criteria for certification

The process for certification of mentors and managers is based on the evaluation of a number of criteria grouped into three Knowledge Areas:

1.- Knowledge of key aspects of mentoring for entrepreneurs

2.- Knowledge of key aspects of the management and the life-cycle of a startup

3.- Knowledge of communication and management skills to manage mentoring relationships

In case the participant does not obtain the minimum score and has not attended all the training sessions, the possibility of completing his training and evaluation by attending the next “business mentor madri+d” certification process, and only that, will be offered.

Panel of Assessors

In order to evaluate those competences and knowledge that require personal observation, a Panel of Assessors is constituted for each call, composed of experts in the three Knowledge Areas.

The Panel of Assessors of the call is composed of those members of the Panel of Experts who evaluate competences in the framework of the certification process. The members of the Panel of Assessors are described in the web site

Evaluation and Certification Committee

The body responsible for issuing the certification according to madri+d Foundation quality procedures is the "business mentor madri+d" Evaluation and Certification Committee. It is composed of experts in certification processes, skills and knowledge assessment, entrepreneurship and mentoring.

Rights of the participants

Participants in the "business mentor madri+d" certification process have the right to: know in advance the requirements of the certification and its scope, a description of the evaluation process, the rights of the applicants, the duties of the certified person and the rates; to receive the training associated with the corresponding call; and to receive a fair and equitable evaluation.

Participants may recuse evaluators in the event that conflicts of interest are detected and, if the participant does not meet the criteria to obtain the certification, he or she may submit a claim if he or she believes that the evaluation is incorrect.

Duties of the person certified

The "business mentor madri+d" certified persons must participate actively in the training according to the criteria and agenda established, provide reliable information about their training and experience to assess their suitability as "business mentor madri+d" and make an adequate use of their status as a "business mentor madri+d" certified person in accordance with the certification procedures.


Registration fees are included in the application form, through the link "Register" at

Public Mission

As part of its mission, the madri+d Knowledge Foundation supports entrepreneurship based on science and technology as a way to contribute to innovation and knowledge transfer. To this end, it regularly carries out among others, acceleration and incubation activities, management of networks of mentors, experts and investors, and certification of mentors. In the latter case, the specific objective is to improve the quality and impact of mentoring of entrepreneurs in the geographical areas targeted by the entities supporting the "business mentor madri+d" certification.

To offer the certification, the madri+d Foundation acts autonomously and both its internal staff and externally contracted personnel undertake to respect the rules of confidentiality, impartiality and conflicts of interest that may arise. The access to the certification is not restricted due to undue limiting reasons such as belonging to an association or group.

The madri+d Foundation maintains records of the certification process or renewal of the certification followed by each certified person, undertakes to try to resolve any conflict of interests and to analyze any claim for discrepancies with the evaluation process.


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