BAN madri+d

Business Angels Network madri+d is a specialized investor network that facilitates the search for financing for science and technology-based companies in the Community of Madrid during their first years of life.

BAN madri+d contributes to the consolidation of a more competitive business network, relying on the madri+d Foundation's experience in R&D management and on the collaboration of university and scientific institutions in the region.

BAN madri+d organizes annually several investment forums, a training program for investors and several courses to prepare entrepreneurs.


active investors


managed projects


investment forums


courses for entrepreneurs


training courses for investors


capital-financed companies

+10 K€

between 10 K€ and 1 M€ per company financed

+20 M€

of total direct investment

+140 M€

of indirect investment


XXIV Investment forum madri+d

In the next XXIV Investment Forum madri + d will present a dozen technology-based projects of the Community of Madrid that are in an investment round and early stage with high potential and interest for investors.