The DeepTech Madrid program of the madri+d Knowledge Foundation aims to detect and promote entrepreneurial projects and deeptech startups*

To this end, DeepTech Madrid will provide the participants selected through a competitive process with a set of services and resources that will enhance their capacity to generate disruptive business solutions.

In 2024, Phase 1 of the DeepTech Madrid program will be developed, which consists of two lines of work:

- Identification and support of projects for the creation of deep tech companies with a high degree of innovation linked to institutions with scientific activity and headquarters in the Community of Madrid (universities, IPOs, hospitals, public and private foundations,...).

- Support for deep tech startups established after 1/1/2016 in scaling, internationalization or product development phases.

* Deep tech startups aim to provide technological solutions based on substantial scientific, technological or engineering challenges. They present challenges that require extensive research and development and significant capital investment for commercialization. The scientific or engineering problems that deep tech companies solve generate valuable intellectual property and are difficult to reproduce.