Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d is an initiative of the Regional Government of Madrid created in 2002. Its main objectives are to contribute to make the quality of higher education, science, technology and innovation key elements of the competitiveness and well-being of citizens.

Fundación madri+d carries out the following activities to achieve its objectives:

  • Contribute to the improvement of higher education through evaluation reports and others for accreditation and quality certification in the university environment, as well as to the measurement of the performance of the public service of higher education in accordance with objective procedures and transparent processes, considering the Spanish, European and international framework.
  • Evaluate and accredit science and technology programs and projects.
  • Promote the protection and transfer of knowledge from academic and scientific environments to business.
  • Promote the creation, consolidation and growth of technology-based companies through different acceleration programmes such as: ESA BIC and HealthStart madri+d, Private Investors Network and Mentors Network madri+d. Fundación madri+d has also the first Mentoring Certification for Entrepreneurs of excellence in Europe.
  • Manage research and innovation European programmes and promote the participation of Madrid institutions in European Programmes.
  • Offer specialized training on R&D&I.
  • Promote the dissemination of science and innovation through the organization of popularization activities and also giving specialized information in science and innovation through the website www.madrimasd.org and the daily newsletter, Notiweb.
  • Foster scientific vocation and entrepreneurial spirit among young students without gender barriers.
  • Promote Madrid as a place of international excellence for higher education, science, technology and innovation.
  • Carry out other activities that are necessary to achieve the above objectives.

Fundación madri+d won in 2007 the IRE Award for Best European Regional Innovation Scheme.

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