Nuevas Oportunidades para Investigadores: Madrid & Turin

Hoy publicamos dos oportunidades para la contratación de investigadores a través del Programa COFUND del 7º Programa Marco de la Comisión Europea. En esta ocasión os presentamos dos proyectos: CONEX (Connecting Excellence to UC3M) de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y T2M (Train to Move) de la Università degli Studi di Torino y la Fundación de la Compagnia di San Paolo.



The objective of CONEX (CONnecting EXcellence to UC3M) is to provide training and opportunities for professional development for postdoctoral researchers of any nationality, who are not residents in Spain, so that they can advance in their professional careers while contributing their knowledge to the Spanish scientific university system. Accordingly, applicants who respond to this call can carry out their own research and contribute their experience to the UC3M department or research institution of his/her choice. Thusly, the intention is to connect excellence with UC3M through this mobility programme.

The CONEX programme aims to offer a total of 28 of these types of fellowships. In the first call, to be launched on March 1 and remaining open until May 29, 16 researchers will be chosen: 6 in the category “Very Experienced Professors” -those having more than 10 years of postdoctoral research experience; and 10 in the category “Experienced Professors”-those having 4-10 years of experience since receiving their doctoral degree.






With the general aim of contributing to foster excellent research in Europe to face the challenges of contemporary society, it is designed to create favourable conditions for transnational mobility of high skilled researchers and to promote transectoral mobility between public/academy and industrial/private sector.

Fellows will be hosted at UNITO, one of the most prestigious Italian universities. UNITO will provide fellows with access to research groups working in 27 highly equipped hosting departments carrying out research in all research fields, except Architecture and Engineering.

Fellows will furthermore benefit from the vivid regional context where the University is placed and from the long lasting collaborations amongst the public and private stakeholders. The first T2M call for proposals is now open. Deadline for submission is the 5th of May 2014.




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