Marie Slodowska-Curie IF – International tendering for experienced researches who want to be hosted at a research-performing organisation (food technology and cereal processing) in Germany.

IGV GmbH is a German Institute for cereals processing and looks for Postdocs that would like to join the IF Marie Curie Action. We offer the possibility to join our company in the area of food technology and cereal processing. The company itself is a SME which is close to Berlin in Germany.

Specific actions could be in the field of:

  1. Procedural alignment with deepening of Food Process Engineering

Project work: EU project calls for experimental development services in engineering / technology for the food industry are preferred with focus on processing of vegetable raw materials

Main tasks: Process development in the field of thermal processes, Control of food production processes using sensor systems

Special knowledge in: Thermal Process Engineering / Process Analysis


  1. Alignment ingredients and their functional interactions in plant food commodities (focus on cereals)

Project work: EU project calls for development services in product and process development for the food industry that focus on processing of vegetable raw materials, preferably cereals.

Main tasks: ingredient-rich interaction mechanisms, enzyme based processes (fermentation), development of raw materials, intermediate and finished products, enrichment and functionalization of food from a nutritional focus

  1. Food technology – Extrusion and Milling

Possible project work:

  •  Specially-malt products (C-malt), which are developed and produced by planetary-extrusion and the generation of applications for new products
  • development of protein-based foods based on legumes (peas, beans, lentils, lupins)
  • Use of the planetary rollers extrusion for product development for different areas of the LM production
  • Product development on the basis of by-products from the LM-production and processing of agricultural crops for product development (food, feed)
  • extraction, analytical characterisation and stabilisation of secondary plant substances as components of functional foods and feed
  • Extraction and application of different types of fibers (fibres, resistant starch, semi digestible starch)

Our main focus:

Our aim of research and development in the field of food technology is the application of drug friendly and resource-saving technologies and the development of innovative products. Our base technologies in the field Extrusion and milling are:

1)     Technical mills grinding and fractionation procedures

  • rollers and pin mills
  • peeler and grinder
  • fine grinding

2)       Extrusion

  • hot extrusion, gelatinisation, pasta making
  • planetary roller extrusion

3)       Drying, tempering, fluidised bed roasting

Marie Curie Actions are funded schemes within the H2020 program. Important to notice is that only experienced researchers can apply. This means you will have your doctoral degree or at least four years’ full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline. The grant provides an allowance to cover your living, travel and family costs. The grant is awarded to your host organisation, usually a university, research centre or a company in Europe. The research costs and overheads of the host organisation(s) are also supported

Duration: 12 – 24 months

Contact Details:

Alexandra Pohl
Senior Manager
International Business, European Services

Brandenburg Economic Development Board
Steinstrasse 104–106
14480 Potsdam/Germany

T +49 331 660-3232
F +49 331 660-3235
M +49 173 6277516



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