Auditory Neuroscience. Summer School 2016 School of Medicine of the UAM. 6-8 of July 2016

In the framework of TARGEAR PROJECT it will take place a Summer School. The 1st Auditory Neuroscience Summer School to be held in Madrid, Spain (July 6-8th 2016).

The school aims to provide a forum to learn state-of-the-art procedures to study hearing disorders. Students will have the opportunity to learn from experts a series of techniques, including, but not limited to: electrophysiology recording, developing and adult inner ear sample preparation for histology and gene expression analysis. In addition, the course will teach the participants the main indications of surgical and non-surgical devices for the current treatment of hearing loss. This practical course is designed to provide the participants with general knowledge to carry experimental work in the inner ear of lab animals. Limited seats are available to ensure a more personalized experience.

Registration is open to anyone with an interest in Hearing Research, including scientists, clinicians, engineers, audiologists, science students, etc.

The social program of this Summer School includes a closing dinner at the Residencia de Estudiantes that will immerse you in the Spain’s history, cultural life and cuisine.

Summer School Schedule



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