EU-CHINA RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP (ECRIP): 4 millones de Euros para financiar movilidad de investigadores Europeos a China

Hoy publicamos un nuevo programa para ayudar a la movilidad de investigadores europeos hacia China.

A new major programme of the European Commission to fund specifically mobility of European researchers to China has been launched on 4th of April.

The objective of this programme called ‘EU-CHINA RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP (ECRIP)’ is to create, strengthen and intensify the EU-China Research & Innovation (RI) partnerships by supporting the mobility of EU researchers to China and strengthening people-to-people contacts, from both the public and private sectors, in strategic RI sectors.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 4 000 000.

The Call for Proposals is divided into five lots of EUR 800 000 each, corresponding to five identified strategic areas:

Lot 1: Renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable energy solutions for cities;
Lot 2: Sustainable urban development and urban planning, green urban mobility and transport; 
Lot 3: Health, public health and welfare policies – life sciences;
Lot 4: Information and communication technologies, smart cities;
Lot 5: Food, agriculture, bio-technologies and water.

Any grant requested must be comprised between EUR 600 000 and EUR 800 000.

The proposed project must aim to set up or strengthen partnerships in the targeted areas between European and Chinese research organizations (higher education and research entities from public and private sectors), by supporting the mobility of EU researchers to China.

Each project funded under this call will be a combination of an identified number of individual mobility schemes complemented by supporting activities. The funding of the mobility of EU-based researchers to China is the main aim of this programme.

Hence, individuals financially supported in the framework of the mobility scheme must be nationals from one of the EU Member States and shall not be already based in China or have previously spent an extended period undertaking research in China. Doctoral and post-doctoral students, research and academic staff, as well as engineers, innovation managers and RI personnel are all eligible to be funded.

While in light of the nature of this programme, the participation of EU and Chinese public or private research entities is compulsory, the mobility of Chinese researchers or Chinese visiting professors or travel / per diem for Chinese nationals is not eligible for funding.

In order to implement the project, the applying organizations will organize themselves in a partnership composed of at least two European organizations, from two different EU Member States, and a minimum of one Chinese organization.

Participation of research organizations from the European private sector is strongly desired.

In order to be eligible, the applicant must be legal persons and be organisations carrying out research activities from one of the EU Member States or Partner Countries.

Deadline to submit the proposal’s concept note is 23 May, 2014.

Access the call and all the application details on the European Commission Development & Cooperation website.



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