'Legal Notice' of the madri+d Portal

This Portal www.madrimasd.org is owned by madri+d Foundation for Knowledge, whose main purpose is to contribute to the social use of science and technology, taking charge of an important part of the technological innovation programs of the Directorate General of Universities and Research. Likewise, the network brings together public and private research institutions and business associations, covering the essential aspects of communication between the knowledge-producing sector and the industrial sector with the aim of improving the region's competitiveness through knowledge transfer.

The use and access to the contents of this Web Site implies the knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions, which are in accordance with the regulations for the protection of personal data, information society services and other related regulations.


The present general conditions regulate the access, navigation and use of this Portal, located at the following URL address: www.madrimasd.org. Likewise, the responsibilities arising from the use of its contents -texts, graphics, drawings, designs, photographs, software, codes, videos, music, databases, images, information as well as any other creation protected by national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property- and the particular conditions that govern the different services that the Portal makes available to users through its Website are regulated.

Also, some of the Portal's services are based on the contributions that users may make, and they must accept that they are licensed under Creative Commons 2.5. whose conditions can be viewed through the link inserted for this purpose in different sections of the Website, more specifically in the section Photo Library.


The domain name madrimasd. org, as well as madrimasd. es are owned by madri+d Foundation for Knowledge, with C. I. F. G-83351346, whose registered office is located at Calle Paseo de Recoletos, 14 7th floor; postal district 28001, Madrid.


Available to all users of the Portal, is the possibility of sending their opinions, news, suggestions of events and any other comments, through the different specific forms included in the section 'CONTACT US' of this Portal. We also offer you a general e-mail address through which you can contact us: contacto@madrimasd.org.

Use of the Website and Services

The navigation and use of the Website, as well as the services contained in it, are completely free of charge, expressly and without any type of reservation, complying with the General Conditions, permanently updated under the link' Legal Notice'.

It has been arranged for certain services the collection of personal data of users who access them, being applicable in such cases the specific clause that accompanies the form and subsidiary, the Privacy Policy of the Portal.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

madri+d Foundation and the Directorate General of Universities and Research are holders of the corresponding license to use the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website, as well as the contents available through it.

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that allowing users to access the Website implies a waiver, transmission, license or transfer, in whole or in part, of these rights by madri+d Foundation.

It is expressly forbidden to delete, evade or manipulate any data identifying the rights of madri+d Foundation or its owners incorporated into the content, as well as technical protection devices, fingerprints or any information and/or identification mechanisms incorporated into the content.

The domain, owned by madrid+d Foundation, may not be used, in connection with other content, products or services that are not owned by madrid+d Foundation, when they may cause confusion among end users or discredit of the entity.

madri+d Foundation reserves the right to use the domain or denomination madrimasd.org and madrimasd.es in the area in which madri+d Foundation carries out its activities and related fields. Similarly, madri+d Foundation reserves the right to prevent the use of domains derived from them which, due to their similarity, may induce to error or confusion about the signs, denominations or business origin of the services.

It should be noted that several sections of the Portal include articles, opinions and other contributions, which in any case are the intellectual property of their authors, so that for the possible reproduction of such content, either partially or totally, must be made respecting the proper rights and making express mention of the AUTHOR, SOURCE and any other identifying information.

Likewise, services and sections have been created so that users can insert content -texts, images, videos, etc.- which are subject to the Creative Commons 2.5 license. Spain. However, all users must respect this clause in order not to infringe the intellectual and industrial rights of third parties. Any action that does not comply with the requirements of the Creative Commons 2.5 license is prohibited. Similarly, users who insert content with associated intellectual property rights and whose ownership does not correspond to the user should refer to the author and the work. Regarding the photographs, as well as the videos, users must be the authors of the same or be authorized to reproduce and distribute them. In the event that images of third parties appear, they must also be authorized, and in the case of underage persons, the express authorization of their parents and / or guardians for exposure. madri+d Foundation and the Directorate General of Universities and Research will not be responsible for the relevant authorizations or legitimacy required by users to exploit such content.


madri+d Foundation and the Directorate General of Universities and Research are not responsible for the following actions:

  • The misuse you may make of the Website.
  • The continuity of the contents of the Website.
  • The possibility of the presence of viruses or other harmful components.
  • The contents and services provided by other Web Pages to which you may have access from the Internet addresses owned by madri+d Foundation.
  • The invulnerability of this Website, nor of the software used, distributed or obtained from it.
  • The lack of usefulness, performance or updating of the contents hosted on this Website.
  • The damages or losses caused by any person, to himself or to third parties, in violation of the conditions, rules and instructions set forth on the Website.
  • Damage caused by the breach of the security systems of this Portal.
  • The malfunctioning of software or plug-ins -download that can be made from the link established for this purpose- necessary to visualize and listen to certain content hosted on this Website.

Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions on data protection, the Website and all services provided through it are guaranteed to be fully adapted to the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, its Implementing Regulations, RD 1720 and its Autonomous Law 8/2001, as well as to any international, state or autonomous regulations that regulate the matter.

madri+d Foundation and the Directorate General of Universities and Research guarantee each and every one of the principles of quality in the collection and processing of your data. Likewise, the purpose of this clause is to make available to users the Privacy Policy so that, at all times, they can decide -freely, voluntarily and expressly- if they wish to provide personal data that may be requested in certain services, which are incorporated through the Portal. It has been arranged for certain services the collection of personal data of users who access them, being applicable in such cases the specific clause that accompanies the form and subsidiary, the Privacy Policy of the Portal.

The user, at all times, will be able to access and know, through the link 'Privacy Policy', present in all sections of this Website where personal data are collected, the policy established in terms of data protection, especially with regard to its use and processing.

Duration and Modification

The present General Conditions are valid for the duration of the exhibition. In this way, we recommend that each time users access the Website, they read them carefully.

We also reserve the right to unilaterally modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time, in whole or in part. The modification will take effect from its publication on the Website, more specifically, from its insertion in the link 'Legal Notice' .


madri+d Foundation may choose to unilaterally interrupt, suspend or terminate access to the contents of the Website, regardless of the provisions of these conditions and the Particular Conditions governing the provision of the different services. Said situations will not alter the validity of the prohibitions of use of the contents exposed throughout the present clauses.

Likewise, all the pertinent measures shall be carried out so that, as far as possible, users may be notified of such circumstances -suspension, interruption or termination of access to the contents-.

Invalidity and inefficiency

In the event of any discrepancy between what is established in these General Conditions and the Specific Conditions of each specific service, the latter shall prevail.

The non-exercise or non-execution of any right or provision contained in these general conditions shall not constitute a waiver thereof, unless expressly agreed in writing on your part.