Incubated Start-ups


Aeon-T offers composite parts manufacturing technology that enables thei ndustrial scale use of these materials in the automotive sector, resulting in reduced operating costs.

In addition, it is a manufacturing solution for certain types of parts for the aerospace sector, where quality is paramount.



Air Electronics

Airelectronics develops products to improve the image capture process in the most robust UAV and flight control systems for the aeronautical sectors. Its activities include the productions of autopilots, both for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft weighing between 3 kg and 250 kg.

Its products include: On-board image processing hardware, U-Pilot autopilot and U-Camera payload.



Anzen Aerospace

Anzen is composed of top safety engineers with extensive experience in the whole development of safety analysis for aerospace and defence components and systems. Its team is focused on the quality of their services, and all its engineers have years of experience working as consultants for companies and institutions such as Airbus, Pilatus, Indra or INTA.




Auravant offers an all-in-one farm management platform pioneering the concept of precision agriculture, which allows growers and agronomists to remotely manage, control and monitor their fields with the use of satellite imagery. It digitalizes different areas of a field, identifies the variability of the land in order to choose the best strategy to maximise yield, reduce costs and lessen the environmental impact.


Automated Devices

The company develops sensor system technology to monitor environmental pollution and artificial or highly polluted atmospheres. It has also developed an autonomous system based on infrared sensors to monitor the concentration of various gases and to successfully establish pollution abatement action plans.



Axter Aerospace

Axter Aerospace offers innovation in the development of electric and hybrid solutions, including energy storage systems for aeronautics, aviation and electric vehicles.

The products developed under the incubation by ESA BIC Madrid Region include: a hybrid propulsion system, high power batteries and an smart programmable real-time battery management system (BMS), with integrated Wi-Fi.



Boscalia Technologies

Technological innovation in the forestry sector for improved management of forest resources. NIRs technology applications (Near infrared Spectrometry), environment and forest tools based on satellite imaginery, generation and analysis of environmental information acquired by UAVs, App development and enviroment and forest geographical information.



Canard Drones

The company uses autonomous drones and software instead of manned aircrafts to inspect and calibrate navigational aids and airport systems & infrastructures (such as PAPI, ILS or VOR). The product is a disruptive solution for the aviation industry that has already been operated in a niportant number of airports of many countries to reduce costs and improve safety.




Cedrion designs and manufactures devices that create cold atmospheric plasma from air. This plasma can on the one hand, move the air, creating an ionic wind that we direct with the desired geometry in a very efficient way for cooling. On the other hand, it can be used to inactivate virus, bacteria, molds, spores, and even biofilms. For ambient air purification, or surface disinfection.




Monitoring infrastructures from space: bringing satellite-data to decisiopn-making. Detektia has developed EyeRADAR, a competitive infrastructure-monitoring tool that generates early warnings based on latest satellite RADAR technologies and Artificial Intelligence. EyeRADAR offers up-to-date and historical deformation of infrastructures at any point of the planet with millimeter accuracy and without the need of in situ instrumentation. This satellite-based early warning system is easily integrated with the 4D digital model of the infrastructure and data is transferred at all stages of digital infrastruture management (planning, design, construction and maintenance).



Drone Hopper

The company designs and manufactures high load capacity drones for fire-flighting and precision agricultura, industrial uses or different types of missions.

The services offered include: Support for fir-flighting in day and night operations, precision agriculture services (optimisation of fertilisation and irrigation, monitoring, crop spraying, etc.) and sale of fire-flighting and crop sproying drones (outside Spain), etc



Eolion Energía

Energy related engineering activities. Its project within the ESA BIC program aims to control Wind Turbines and Wind Farms through Space Technology developing a new generation of real-time control. New methods to measure the condition of the turbine main components based on Galileo are also implemented. Control parameters are adapted to reduce loads and optimize performance. With Eolion solutions, current Wind Farms can provide more energy, reducing emissions and contributing to the energy transition.



Geko Navsat

Innovation based on the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies to improve safety and efficiency in activities carried out in open environments.

Services developed: Blind Explorer (sensory guidance for blind people), KYNEO (open programming navigation sensor), SICRA (location system for environments without mobile coverage), GNSSS technology consulting and assistance services.




Heatconv produces clean and sustainable energy from an alternative source. Design and development of small electronic devices that recover electrical energy from the energy lost in the form of heat. This system has many applications including consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial processes or in the aerospace industry.

Currently, the company is focused on developing a patented modular system that is compatible with current photovoltaic panels and that makes it possible to recover a part of the wasted heat, in turn increasing the energy efficiency of the panels.



Hovering Solutions

Hovering Solutions is focused on the development of smart and small robotics able to fly completely autonomously in underground environments (GNSS- and light- denied areas) and capable to produce high quality 3D digital models of underground scenarios. The solution is applicable in several sectors requiring eventual or regular inspections of underground sites (usually involving high risks for humans) without the need of an operator’s presence, making the process faster, more accurate and safer. Some examples are water distribution networks, hydro-power plants or underground mines. This breakthrough solution is achievable thanks to the development of proprietary technology based on on-board and multi-sensor-based positioning system which provides autonomous navigation capabilities to the aerial robot.




Development of Engineering Software in different áreas such as Structural Analysis, 3D Visualization, Digitization, and Machine Learning applied to manufacturing processes.

Idaero provides also commercial grade solutions fully customizable to clients' methods such as NaxTo suite.



Ienai Space

Highly efficient electric propulsion systems for nano and micro satellites and mission analysis studies to optimize the design of the customized propulsion solutions. In order to do so, the Company has have developed ATHENA, a completely modular and scalable propulsion system based on nanofabrication techniques, and ienaiGO/360, a cloud based software which optimizes the design and performance of the thruster. Their business proposition is "Manoeuvring as a service".



Ixorigue Technologies

Solutions to 3 key challenges of a farmer: limited profitability, loss of time doing manual tasks and poor traceability of farm data. Our solution relies on technology (hardware and software) to digitize the management of the livestock farm and take it to a higher level in terms of productivity and efficiency, resulting in better margins and less dedication. On top of a higher profitability, Ixoriguè’s solution provides farmers with the levers to achieve a higher quality of life and a higher herd traceability through an easy-to-use technology.



Land, Water and Dams

The company Land, Water and Dams, S.L. (LWD), through its MotionSurvey service, offers products and services for the monitoring and historical analysis of structural and ground movements captured from satellites, by means of interferometric synthetic aperture radar signals (InSAR).

The other services it offers include dam engineering and safety, hydrological management and hydrometeorology.



Madrid Space

Focused on solving the most challenging termal issues, Madrid Space provides engineering consultancy services and develops state of the art hardware solutions for the highly dissipative and extremely compact upcoming satellite generation.



Micro Electrochemical Technologies (B5tec)

Development of compact, scalable, high energy density micro fuel cell systems to guarantee autonomy and robustness in small satellite missions. By capitalizing on high precision microfluidic technology and widely available raw materials, these systems fulfill all technical needs at competitive prices while avoiding the cyclic degradation of commonly used lithium batteries.




Nanostine is a spin-off of CSIC devoted to research, development & commercialization of high added value nanoparticles and nanostructured coatings. The fabricated nanoparticles are completely free of ligands on their surface, which makes them especially suitable for applications in different fields, such as the aerospace sector, energy and nanomedicine.




Company born in the aerospace sector with the aim of reducing direct investment in stock associated with maintenance work, improving the operational availability of fleets. Services provided: a mathematical model for global stock optimisation, implementation of the model in an algorithm, interoperability with databases and other systems (API), implementation with techniques for continuous improvement of capacities.



Ommatidia LIDAR

3D optical metrology solutions for the industrial sector. Its systems are based on its proprietary and patented massively parallel laser radar technology, which allow it to make absolute distance measurements without contact or markers, with high precision and speed. The Q1, its first product, is a revolution in the field of metrology of large structures, offering a range of up to 50m with high precision. Data acquisition is fully automatic and can be performed by a single operator, integrating with the main metrology software through interoperable data standards.



Polar Developments

Polar Developments implements portable and deployable structures for the installation of photovoltaic energy generation panels that are easy to transport and assemble.




Environment-related services in rivers, lakes and seas using robotic boats of its own design that are less tan 2.5 m in length. The services offered by the Company include: Water quality control in rivers, lakes and seas; Liquid sampling at the Surface and at depth; Protection and care of nature and biodiversity in aquatic environments; Surveillance and rescue on beaches and coasts; and Support for industrial activivities at the sea.




SIMBAD, a Scientific Exploitation Platform for transforming raw Sentinel data into useful final scientific  products to be used in day-to-day applications. As its first use case, SIMBAD includes the ability to map and monitor the Posidonia Oceanica meadows in the Mediterranean Sea.




Service platforms based on hardware and software elements applied to the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. For that it uses VardiaN (a platform for monitoring operators in dangerous environments) and Pavias (a service for optimising grazing using satellite images).



Sigma Rail

Innovative solutions for the industries like the railway using of technologies such as Lidar, Machine Learning, GIS Systems and others, optimising traditional tasks and improving efficiency and safety.

Solutions offered: Skylynx (technological solution composed of drones, autonomous bases and image recognition software, i.e. capable of optimising traditional signalling and maintenance tasks).




The company offers the automated analysis of satellite images for target location, using its own algorithm and Machine Learning.

The technology developed allows: Automated search, location and recognition of targets in the event of a maritime emergency or safety incident, pattern analysis, among others.




Development of High Altitude Pseudo Satellites, platforms operating from a fixed position at an altitude of 20 Km, quite above from commercial fligths.

This type of systems are placed between satellites and RPAS, combining the advantages of both and providing an excellent coverage at regional level with high resolution and persistence. Applications are related to territory surveillance, environmental control or atomospheric research.



Development of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) which are unmanned boats for naval applications. Main advantages are continuous operation, elimination of risks for the crews and reduction in operational costs. UTEK’s solutions are focused in high reliability and advanced performances.




The company focuses on integrating drones with the latest technologies to provide high value services. It is participating with ESA BIC Madrid Region in the OLEO-SENSE project, which focusses on precision agriculture, with the following main objectives: Autonomous airborne RFID sensor data acquisition system; Characterisation of agronomic systems; Big Data and Machine Learning applied to super intensive olive cultivation; and Traceability system based on RFID technology





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