Renewal of accreditation

Current legislation provides that official degrees must be renewed before the end of six years for bachelor's and doctoral degrees and before four years for master's degrees. This renewal must be carried out from the date of its verification by the Council of Universities or from the date of its last accreditation.

In order to maintain their accreditation as official titles, the titles must obtain a favorable accreditation report, in accordance with the procedure established in Royal Decree 1393/2007, which regulates the management of official qualifications, as amended by Royal Decree 861/2010.

In accordance with the aforementioned legislation, the evaluation process for the renewal of accreditation will in any case include a visit by external experts to the University.

The renewal of accreditation is the culmination of the evaluation process of the implementation of the teaching corresponding to the official degrees registered in the Register of Universities, Centers and Degrees (RUCT). In this context of continuous improvement, a special relevance is attributed to the information generated and the results obtained during the different follow-ups carried out.