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TechnoFusión contract specifications:


Development of research leading to the design of a neuro-functional program for students with ADHD



Recruitment of four (4) administrative technician positions for the implementation of the accreditation processes of centers and institutions of the Madrid University System 2017-2020.


Perform management, control and registration tasks related to the administrative activities of quality processes in the field of Higher Education.

Contract duration and type of contract

Labor contract for specific works or services.
Full working day. Maximum duration: three years.


Accredited experience for a minimum of 3 years in administrative, management or equivalent tasks, either on own account or for others.

Minimum access requirements

  • Minimum experience required
  • Be in possession of the Higher Baccalaureate degree, BUP, FP II, Bachelor-LOGSE or equivalent.
  • Advanced knowledge of Office, Database and Office Automation programs and equivalent programs for data management.

It will be valued

  • Specific training in administration and management.
  • Experience in management and administration of records related to Higher Education.
  • Experience in the management and administration of public calls for proposals and administrative procedures.
  • Experience in the organization of Seminars and Conferences.
  • Experience in the processing of accounting documents.
  • Experience in specific Public Administration tools.
  • Knowledge of English.
The selection of candidates will be based on the principles of equality, merit and ability as well as publicity.

In one of the positions, preference will be given to people with disabilities.

Economic Offer

Maximum €18,000 gross per year.


Send CV to
The CV must be submitted in a format that accredits the above aspects separately (access requirements, and aspects to be assessed)
Applicants will only submit their CVs in electronic format. The successful candidates, and before the final adjudication, must provide documentary evidence of all the merits claimed within a maximum period of 5 days.
In the event that the claimed merits do not correspond with the documentation provided, the candidate will be removed from the process. The Foundation may request additional documentation or certificates, if the documentation provided is insufficient.
If necessary for the election, the Foundation may conduct a test among the selected candidates.


Applications until April 17, 2017 .


Analysis of the university system in the Community of Madrid


Among the Foundation's activities to fulfill its purposes is the promotion of Madrid as a place of international excellence for education, science and technology. Specifically, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth study of the scientific activity of the Madrid Public University System in order to know the strengths and weaknesses in the scientific performance of this system and to be able to take the necessary measures for its consolidation and development, in order to increase the competitiveness and relevance of universities, as well as to attract possible investments from agents of the economic system.
The report should at least address the following issues:

  1. Analysis of the resources allocated by Madrid's public universities and their capacities to attract foreign investment in research.
  2. Comparison of the resources used by the university system of the CM in relation to those used by other Spanish universities to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages when compared to other systems in Spain, especially the most developed ones.
  3. Design of an objective analysis tool to evaluate the research activity in the future.

The execution of the research should be carried out by an interdisciplinary research team from different areas of knowledge.


Start Deadline for implementation 10/3/17 to maximum 6/3/18
Bidding From 22 to 29 September
Resolution October 2
Recruitment October 3
CompletionMaximum 06/03/18

Contract specifications sheet