Urban Good Camp

The Erasmus + project Urban GoodCamp (UCAMP) is intended to empower higher education institutions and stakeholders interested in tackling emerging urban challenges. In order to achieve that, urban communities will be created in each of the participant cities and active citizen participation will be promoted.

The project will be implemented in 7 cities of different European countries (Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, France, Italy and Netherlands), gathered around three urban areas: Circular Economy; Urban Biodiversity; and Sustainable Communities.

During its 36 months, the project aims at reaching its goals through the following activities:

  • Research. Review and analysis of urban challenges through interviews to experts, documentary research and case studies on different learning models.
  • Consultation. Gatherings with urban stakeholders from each ecosystem and organization of events that help in the definition and validation of urban challenges.
  • Development. Organization of Bootcamps, Innovation tours, mentoring methodologies and different Learning schemes (train-the-trainer) in each of the urban ecosystems.
  • Testing and validation.
  • Sampling and Maintenance. Organization and implementation of urban local events.

The Project is directed to a diverse public, including the following societal segments: (a) higher education institutions from each of the 7 participant cities; (2) bachelor and master’s students; (3) adults interested from social entrepreneurship training providers; (4) social entrepreneurs, NGOs and various organizations involved in the field or urban development; (5) local and regional authorities; and (6) citizens

The project also involves the development and implementation of multidisciplinary learning interventions for university students and young researchers in order for them to develop real solutions to existing urban challenges. Furthermore, it also includes the positioning of higher education institutions as facilitators in the creation of sustainable urban ecosystems and innovating learning environments.

Call for Proposals: Erasmus + Action 2 Knowledge Alliances Project

Maximum Funding: Knowledge Foundation madri+d 96,960 €.

Duration: 36 months (January 2021 - December 2023).

Project website: https://www.urbangoodcamp.eu/

Participant institutions

Bespoke Denmark
Institut Mines Telecom Business School (IMTBS) France
University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Netherlands
Aalto University Finland
Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana (IRI UL) Slovenia
Advancis Portugal
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) Netherlands
Ca’ Foscari University (UNIVE) Italy