Bank of evaluators


The evaluation activity carried out by the Foundation makes it necessary to continuously expand the team of external collaborators who perform quality evaluation tasks in Higher Education.

In particular, the process of renewing the accreditation of formal qualifications requires experts with different profiles.

The Foundation is committed to the quality and improvement of Higher Education as a way of contributing to the progress of our region and also wants to be a useful instrument for universities and citizens in general.

The evaluation activity does not require continuous dedication. The applicant must ensure that he or she can make it compatible with his or her other occupations.

The Foundation will provide the information, means and training necessary for the performance of the evaluation activity.

For this reason, a call for applications is opened which allows all interested persons who meet the required criteria to submit their applications.


Academic evaluators must:

  • Belong to the teaching and research staff of the University.
  • Have a demonstrable teaching experience of at least 5 years.
  • Have a demonstrable researching experience of at least 6 years.

Professional or expert evaluators should:

  • Be in possession of a university degree with national validity or issued by recognized universities.
  • Demonstrable experience in the assessment of degrees, institutions, teaching staff or quality assurance systems.

Students must:

  • Be studying bachelor or master's degree.

In all cases, knowledge and experience in quality related activities in Higher Education will be valued.


All interested people may submit their application to the corresponding profile through the form of evaluators provided in the following link

For any questions or queries you may send an email 

Selection of evaluators

The Foundation will evaluate all applications submitted to ensure that they meet the requirements established in the quality assessment processes for education carried out.

Successful candidates will be included in the Foundation's database of evaluators.

As the need to incorporate members to panels or evaluation committees arises, the Foundation will contact the evaluator to confirm its availability.