Principles and Lines of Action

The Foundation's objective is to contribute to the improvement of higher education by means of evaluation reports and others leading to accreditation and quality certification in the university environment, as well as to the measurement of the performance of the public service of higher education in accordance with objective procedures and transparent processes, considering the Spanish, European and international framework.

In this sense, the Foundation will:

  1. Promote transparency, comparability, cooperation and competence of Universities.
  2. Promote the improvement of teaching and research activities.
  3. Provide society with the necessary information to promote decision-making, excellence and mobility of students and teachers.
  4. Have an internal public quality assurance system that includes a mechanism to collect internal and external information on the activities it carries out, and a procedure for evaluation and continuous improvement.
  5. Be subject to a regular external evaluation process, at least every five years, with the participation of international specialists.

The Foundation's actions are implemented annually through its Action Plan and can be found on this website through the sections Internal Quality, Evaluation and Accreditation, Institutional Relations and Publications.