Consulta pública de la Comisión Europea sobre repositorios digitales para la e-ciencia

Alicia López Medina

La Comisión Europea ha abierto una consulta pública sobre los repositorios digitales como infraestructura para la e-ciencia.

“May I invite you, to contribute to thedevelopment of a knowledge society and digital infrastructure in Europe, by taking part in the European Commission’sonline public consultation on e-Science Digital Repositories which is availableat

This consultation forms a key part of thee-SciDR ( funded by the Commission into repositories holding digital data andpublications for use in the sciences (in the widest sense, encompassingdisciplines from the humanities and social sciences to the life sciences andphysical sciences).

Your answers will help identify needs,priorities and opportunities which the European Union, through the Commission,can help address and drive forward in the FP7 Capacity Programme and willprovide an important input to developing future policy initiatives.

We would be grateful if you could respondto the consultation by no later than 30 July 2007.

All answers will be strictly confidentialand anonymised.

If you would like to receive a summary ofthe consultation results, please tick the corresponding box on thequestionnaire.”


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