Conference on Skills demanded by the labor market and Higher Education curricula

The general objective of the proposed project is to promote debate and exchange experiences on the adaptation of university skills to the labor market.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Prepare an executive summary that encourages debate on the subject.
  • Hold an international conference to present the existing problems and discuss the policies and measures implemented at the different levels of action: from European to regional.
  • Identify conclusions and good practices that enrich the document that is planned to be prepared in the Community of Madrid on the adaptation of university skills to the labor market
  • Disseminate by various means the lessons learned and, ultimately, the desirability of adapting the skills acquired in higher education programs to social and labor needs in order to ensure sustainable employment
  • Encourage the exchange of experiences through the creation of a specific network of experts

European Program

Program of grants for initiatives to promote debate and raise awareness about the EU's political priorities - Representation of the European Commission in Spain.

Budget madri+d Foundation for Knowledge: 19,998€

Duration: January-December 2017

Participating Institutions

madri+d Foundation for Knowledge