Completed Projects

International Cooperation - Coordination and Support Action

  • ABEST III: strengthens cooperation and increases the impact of the EU-RA S&T Cooperation Agreement, strengthening the activities developed since 2005 with ABEST and ABEST II.

Regional research policies

  • ARRGOS 3%: Improvement of the criteria for allocating R+D resources in regions participating in the Regions of Knowlege 2 program.

Economic and technological intelligence

  • CETISME: Raising business awareness towards Technological Surveillance and Economic Intelligence as strategic tools for innovation management.

Innovation policies

  • CLUNET: Exchange of experiences in relation to innovation clusters and policy development.

Virtual Community for the generation of business ideas and business consolidation through creativity

  • CREA NET 2.0: Launch of a cross-border system to support creativity and networking among entrepreneurs and companies in the partner regions, which will lead to the identification and development of innovative projects and the creation of companies, thus generating quality jobs.

Innovation Policy Analysis

  • ERAWATCH: Analysis and evaluation of European R+D policies on issues related to the development of the European Research Area.

Transfer of technology

  • EEN: Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program - CIP (2007-2013).

Promoting innovative companies

  • GATE2GROW: Forums for the exchange of experiences on the management of technology-based business incubators.   

Cooperation in regional research policies

  • GESTINN: Promotion of innovation in SMEs through instruments enabling them to advance the systematic and organised implementation of their own innovation activities.

Benchmarking of innovation policies

  • IMPACTSCAN: Design of a system for monitoring and evaluating the impact of regional innovation policies in order to facilitate decision-making and improve the effectiveness of public policies.     

Economic and technological intelligence

  • INFOACT: Dissemination of the importance of Economic Intelligence and Technological Surveillance among small and medium enterprises.          

Regional innovation policies

  • INTELREG: Direction and coordination of the Innovative Actions Program (CE DG Regio) of the Community of Madrid.     

Cooperation in regional policies

Era Net

  • IWRM.NET: Towards a European-wide exchange Network for improving dissemination of Integrated Water Resources Management research outcomes.

Transfer of technology

  • MADRID IRC: International technology transfer network. Madrid Innovation Relay Center is the regional node of the network, and mi+d Foundation is the coordinating entity.    

Design of innovation strategies

  • MADRITTS: Definition of the regional innovation strategy of the Community of Madrid, within the framework of European regional policies.

Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies (NMT)

  • MATERA: ERA NET on Materials Research.

Benchmarking of innovation policies

  • METROPOLIS (Innopolitan): Joint development of approaches to business innovation that allow new actions to be launched or existing support schemes to be improved in large metropolitan areas.

International Cooperation - Coordination Action

  • MIRA: Support for the participation of Mediterranean countries in activities of the 7th FP  

Era Net

  • NanoSci-E+: Consortium formed by a group of European entities funders of research, which cooperate in the realization of calls for projects in the area of Nanoscience.

Economic and technological intelligence

  • NANOMAT: Action aimed at promoting SME participation in FP6, in the fields of Nanotechnology and Multifunctional Materials.

Social perception of the scientific profession

  • RESEARCHER' S NIGHT: Promotion, organization, development and evaluation of Researchers' Night events in Madrid, a set of leisure activities aimed at improving the social perception of researchers and fostering scientific vocations.

Coordination and Support Action

  • European Researchers' Night 2013: Increase public recognition of researchers and their work, offering the general public, regardless of their age and academic and scientific background, the opportunity to share with them debates, interests, concerns, passions and fun, and to discover the human side of research.


  • OSMOSIS: Encourage SME participation in the security technology supply chain, facilitating collaboration between SMEs and European Security stakeholders (System Integrators, End Users and technology suppliers).

Promoting innovative companies

  • PRIACES: Analysis of the need for a comprehensive policy to overcome the social, educational, economic and cultural obstacles that prevent the creation and development of technology companies.

Cooperation on regional R+D policies

  • REPARTIR +: Joint regional actions on research and innovation policies in south-west Europe.

Transfer of technology

  • SAIL: Forums for the exchange of experiences between regions on cooperation between academia, industry and business.

Promoting innovative companies

  • SPRING II: Regional exchange of methodologies and processes to stimulate and support the creation and development of new technology-based companies.

Enterprise and industry

  • STAY4Y3: Erasmus for young entrepreneurs aimed at helping entrepreneurs acquire skills to manage their business.