Horizon 2020 Master of Finance and Administration

Europa Media


Get a full insight into the administration, financial management and introduction to EC audits of Horizon 2020 projects.


This 2-day training course provides a complete insight into the financial management and administration of Horizon 2020 projects. It will help you ensure that the day-to-day bookkeeping as well as the periodic and financial reports of your H2020 projects are sound and fully conform with the requirements of the H2020 Grant Agreement.

Facts and doubts about financial issues and EC audits

  • Eligibility of various costs in Horizon 2020 may depend on various factors and differ on a case-by-case basis. Do you know how to interpret the FP7 and H2020 financial guidelines and make the right decisions?
  • Calculation of personnel costs is the most common source of problems in financial reporting and audits. Do you know how to make your time-sheets bulletproof and your salary calculation correct?
  • Financial rules of Horizon 2020 differ from the financial rules of FP7 on several instances. Do you know what these differences are and what implications they have on accounting and adminstration processes?
  • EC financial audits at Horizon 2020 beneficiares can be conducted directly by the Commission services or by external contractors. Do you know how the financial audits are conducted and how to get prepared for both approaches?

Why participate in the "H2020 - Master of Finance and Administration" course?

  1. Trainers are actual Project Managers and Coordinators. This 2-day training course is built 100% on project experience and real-life examples. Our lecturers and workshop leaders are flesh-and-bone financial managers and administrators, whose daily work is to prepare financial reports and control budgets, manage project spendings and assist our project partners in their financial management. Their projects were recently subject of an EC audit. See our training and project references.
  2. Lectures and practical workshops on Financial reporting and EC Audits.

Experience Europa Media's unique "learning-by-doing" approach - hear presentations in the morning, the n use your newly-acquired knowledge during the workshops:

  • Horizon 2020 Financial Rules. Introducing the financial rules from the very basics to the most advanced issues using a practical, real-life approach.
  • Workshop: Financial Management and Reporting. Discover the well-known and utterly unique workshop of Europa Media. Participants will receive a package consisting of timesheets, salary slips, invoices, contracts, per-diem certificates and mission reports for a virtual H2020 project. They will then have to calculate the eligible costs and submit a financial statement.