M+VISION is a program created by the Community of Madrid, through madri+d Foundation for Knowledge, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The program is aimed at strengthening the career development of researchers and specialists in the field of biomedical imaging through an individual aid scheme to carry out translational research projects in host organizations (such as universities, research centers, hospitals or companies). M+VISION has published three calls for the selection of up to 30 researchers and offers grants of a maximum duration of three years, consisting of one year scholarship and two years contract, as well as contributions for research and travel expenses. In the first year, researchers receive funding from the Community of Madrid and the scholarship takes place in a primarily academic environment, while in the second and third year they are hired directly by host organizations, carrying out more market-oriented research. There are two types of aid depending on the type of mobility they contemplate:

  • Incoming modality: the three years of aid are spent in Spain.
  • Outgoing modality: the first two years of aid are spent in the United States and the third year in Spain.

Funding total maximum: 2,680,728 €

Duration: 72 months (June 2012-June 2018)

Participating Institutions

madri+d Foundation for Knowledge Coordinator
Foundation National Center for Cardiovascular Research Carlos III Spain Host institution
Institute of Optics - CSIC Spain Host institution
Carlos III University of Madrid Spain Host institution
Fuenlabrada Hospital Spain Host institution
National Cancer Research Center Spain Host institution
Polytechnic University of Madrid Spain Host institution
Queen Sofia Foundation-CIEN Spain Host institution
Complutense University of Madrid Spain Host institution
IE Business School Spain Host institution
HM Hospitals Research Foundation Host institution Spain
King Juan Carlos University Spain Host institution
University of Alcalá Spain Host institution
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA Host institution
Massachusetts General Hospital USA Host institution
Brigham and Women's Hospital USA Host institution